On this page, you find a selection of online publications that my professional clients use during my skills training courses. These publications focus on two critical aspects of country risk analysis: macro-economic risk drivers and political risk drivers.

I also recommend these publications to students of my Country Risk Analysis skills training at Maastricht University and my Country Risk Analysis course at Maastricht Summer School.

I am aware that this is a rather small selection of online publications on macro-economic risk drivers and political risk drivers. However, their content is highly relevant when you want start with doing country risk analysis.

These links were all up-to-date in January 2021. If you have questions or suggestions regarding online publications on macro-economic risk drivers and political risk drivers, please contact me.

Data Series for Macro-Economic Risk Drivers

  1. BP – Statistical Review of World Energy
  2. Energy Information Administration – Annual Energy Outlook 2020
  3. FAO – FAOSTAT New Food Balances
  4. International Monetary Fund – World Economic Outlook Databases
  5. International Trade Centre – International trade statistics 2001-2020
  6. International Trade Centre – Foreign direct investment data
  7. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – Main Macro-Economic Risk Indicators
  8. UNCTAD – Country Profiles
  9. UNCTAD – Data Center
  10. U.S. Geological Survey – Commodity Statistics and Information
  11. U.S. Geological Survey – International Minerals Statistics and Information
  12. U.S. Geological Survey – Mineral Commodity Summaries
  13. World Bank – Commodity markets
  14. World Bank – Global Economic Prospects
  15. World Bank – World Development Indicators
  16. World Trade Organisation – World Trade Statistical Review
  17. World Travel-Tourism Council – Economic Impact Reports

Data Series for Political Risk Drivers

  1. Adam Carr – Psephos Adam Carr’s Election Archive
  2. Amnesty International – Countries
  3. Center for Global Policy – Global Report Series (Global Report 2017: Conflict, Governance and State Fragility)
  4. CIA – CIA World Factbook
  5. Fund for Peace – Fragile States Index
  6. Freedom House – Freedom in the World / Countries and Territories
  7. Heidelberger Institut für Internationale Konfliktforschung – Conflict Barometer – Current Version
  8. Human Rights Watch – World Report 2020
  9. International Crisis Group – CrisisWatch Overview
  10. Inter-Parliamentary Union – Parline – global data on national parliaments
  11. Maryland University – Minority At Risk – Data
  12. Reporters without Boundaries – Detailed Methodology
  13. RULERS – Heads of State and Heads of Government
  14. SIPRI – SIPRI Military Expenditures Data
  15. Transparency International – Corruption Perceptions Index
  16. United Nations Development Programme – Technical Notes – Calculating the Human Development Indices — Graphical Presentation
  17. United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees – UNHCR Statistical Online Population Database: Sources, Methods and Data Considerations
  18. Uppsala University – Uppsala Conflict Data Program (UCDP) – Data for Download
  19. Visions of Humanity – Global Peace Index 2020
  20. World Bank – Ease of Doing Business Indicators
  21. World Bank – Global Governance Indicators
  22. World Bank – World Development Indicators
Data Series for Macro-Economic Risk Drivers and Political Risk Drivers (Online Publications)
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