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Leonhardt is one of the most dynamic, engaging, and insightful lecturers I have ever come across. Leonhardt brings with him a wealth of knowledge in Country Risk Analysis, Geo-politics, Economics and Scenario Thinking. He always taking into consideration cultural differences and individuals learning styles of his students. More importantly, Leonhardt understands the importance of linking theoretical models with practical examples from the real world.

Why is clarity in international complexity necessary for every organization in the 21st century?


Keeping on top of international developments can be a daunting task. How do you develop a perspective on the world, based on the abundance of unstructured information? How do you distinguish between the many interpretations of trends and issues? And

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Which steps can you take to raise your understanding of international complexity?


My mission is to provide organizations more clarity in international complexity. What is their perspective on the world? Which interpretations of trends and issues do exist? And which opportunities and threats result from international developments? First, I help organizations to

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How do my skills training sessions, workshops and talks result in more clarity in international complexity?


The viability of each organization benefits from a strong awareness of international complexity. Organizations can manage this complexity more effectively by dividing it into smaller pieces that are easier to grasp. I help organizations with this process by offering talks,

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Why do organizations benefit from my approach to bring more clarity in international complexity?


I enjoy working with professionals with different national backgrounds and varying kinds of expertise. Accordingly, my clients include companies, government agencies and international organizations. I also enjoy teaching students at universities. My main objective there is to prepare students to

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Why do I enjoy bringing more clarity in international complexity?


I help professionals and students develop a clear view on international complexity. Geopolitics and country risk play a key role in this process. Although I started my career as a desk-based analyst, nowadays I often work directly with people as

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