I help professionals and students with gaining clarity in international complexity. Geopolitics and country risk play a key role in this process.

Although I started my career as a desk-based analyst, nowadays I often work directly with people as a trainer, lecturer and speaker. Which path resulted in this transformation from the written to the spoken word?

Life-long interest in international developments

As a little boy, I was already into world news. Although it was too complex for me to understand, I was often very curious. For example, how was it possible that the population of Iran had been able to end the power of its strong leader in 1979?

My first jobs as a country risk analyst between 1997 and 2009 were great. It felt like a dream come true: I read and wrote about nearly all countries in the world. My central question was always: which impact do economic and political developments in other countries have on the Dutch economy or particular Dutch companies?

Bringing geopolitics and country risk together

In retrospect, a visit to a bookshop in Brussels in 2000 marked the beginning of a profound change in my ambitions. During that visit, I bought a French book about geopolitics. The book refreshed my perspective on the world. This fascination for geopolitics made me eventually decide to do something drastic: I resigned from my job at a bank. To study geopolitics at King’s College London.

Then I wrote a Ph.D. thesis about geopolitics at Royal Holloway (University of London). I developed a method to compare perspectives on countries. Meanwhile, I also founded my company.

My comprehensive experience with both geopolitics and country risk has since formed an inspiring and effective basis to help both professionals and students to gain clarity in international complexity.

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