Professionals often tell me how difficult it is to keep track of the world news. “What is really happening, who is right, and what does this news mean for my organization?” If you grapple with this issue as well, I can be of help.

More clarity in international complexity

My mission is to bring more clarity in international complexity. Where many media and experts tell you what to think, I teach you how to think. My focus is on the knowledge and skills required to develop a clear view on the world.

Relevance of international developments for organizations

This mission draws on my vision that insufficient awareness of international developments could unnecessarily endanger the viability of an organization. Insufficient would imply here that organizations do not notice both the opportunities and threats that originate in international developments.

Globalization has resulted in a world that is messy. The many links among countries and among organizations imply that each organizations has become dependent on international developments. These links are often very diverse and complex, and hard to completely understand. This explains why organizations tend to ignore some indirect effects of international developments.

Information en interpretation

On top of an incomprehensibly well-connected world, professionals are nowadays also bombarded by news about international developments. In these articles, it is often difficult to draw the line between information and interpretation. A complicating factor in this regard is the massive and intentional spread of fake news in (social) media.

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