What do I offer?


How to make sense of economic and political developments? This is a challenging question for professionals and students nowadays. Since 1997, I have helped many organizations with finding answers to this question. More specifically, I have developed unique expertise in the analysis of country risk, geopolitical conflicts and media representations. Depending on the needs of my clients, I work as a Trainer, an Analyst and a Lecturer.

As a Trainer, my most popular skills training courses are about geopolitics. They teach professionals the tools and concepts to do geopolitical scenario planning and geopolitical trends analysis.

My work as an Analyst focuses mostly on country risks. A key question I answer in this role is: How vulnerable are the business cycle, government finances and external finances of a country? And how do political and social instability affect these vulnerabilities?

As a Lecturer, I teach modules about Economics, Country Risk Analysis and Emerging Markets. Most of my teaching is at the School of Business and Economics at Maastricht University. My work here includes thesis supervision as well.

I also work as a Guest Lecturer at other universities and a Course Leader at Maastricht Summer School. In these roles, my lectures are often about methods to analyse media representations. So how can critical discourse analysis, news framing analysis and social semiotics help to make sense of the words and photos in the news?

In all, I am a hybrid professional who enjoys working with different kinds of organisations. I work for companies, government agencies, international organisations, NGOs and universities.

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