Does your organization need a better understanding of world news? A better overview of the different views on particular issues, trends or countries? Or a clearer view on the future? Then I can be of help. I can help your organization to raise its capabilities to deal with international complexity in five different ways:

  1. Training sessions
  2. Workshops
  3. Talks
  4. Professional Coaching
  5. Consultancy

1. Training sessions

My in-house training sessions consist of a combination of interactive talks, individual or group assignments and presentations by the participants. These sessions usually last a day, two days or a week.

Their objective is to make professionals more familiar with international complexity. They also learn how to work with tools and concepts within their organization, thereby improving their ability to anticipate new international developments. My in-housetraining sessions always take into account the strategy of my clients and the individual leaning goals of the participants. My most popular training sessions are:

  • Geopolitical Trends Analysis
  • Geopolitical Scenario Analysis
  • Country Risk Analysis

Next to in-house training sessions I also teach courses at Maastricht Summer School. The lectures are in English. Three of my courses at Maastricht Summer School have the same titles as aforementioned training sessions, but are less comprehensive and context-specific than my in-house training sessions. My fourth course focuses on academic skills:

  • Media Representations and Research Methods

2. Workshops

My workshops are made up of a combination of an interactive talk, an assignment and presentations by the participants. Their objective is two-fold. Participants are made (more) aware of international complexity and they experience a way of how to better address this in real-life working situations. Whereas my training sessions focus on teaching skills for life, my workshops are about a first impression of what international complexity is, and which tools and concepts could helpful in this regard.

As examples, respectively the Dutch Center for Trade Promotion, the German army (Bundeswehr) and a training institute of the Austrian SPÖ invited me to give the following workshops:

  • Business Opportunities in Vietnam
  • Political Risks in the Middle East
  • Comparing Views on China, Russia and US

3. Talks

My talks seek to clarify the practical value of concepts and tools. After an accessible introduction of these tools and concepts, I provide examples of how organizations can use them to solve everyday issues in the workflow.
For example, I gave the following talks at seminars of respectively the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (with International Union for the Conservation of Nature), Nyenrode Business University and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe:

  • Opportunities and Risks in Central Africa
  • Geopolitical Risks and Financial Market Returns
  • Views on Oil and Gas Pipelines

4. Professional coaching

I also work as a coach for professionals or teams. By means of bilateral or group conversations, I help them with raising their understanding of international complexity.

5. Consultancy

Finally, I write at times consultancy reports about international developments for my clients. These could be country risk reports or studies of geopolitical trends.

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