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On this page, you find a selection of the books that helped me enormously with writing my PhD thesis (finished in 2019) and developing myself as a University Lecturer. These are also the books that I recommend to students of my Media Representations and Research Methods Summer School at Maastricht University.

Below, you find five books for each of the three “main” categories: critical discourse analysis, social semiotics and framing. The use of these methods always requires sound assumptions regarding the production, distribution and consumption of texts and/or images. Therefore, I first mention five great books on media representations, identity and culture.

Moreover, between the books on social semiotics and news framing, you find recommendable books on visual analysis and text-image relations. Both these approaches often (but not always) draw on social semiotics.

If you have any questions about the books or would like to recommend me other books, please contact me.

My Favourite Books on Media Representations, Identity and Culture

  1. Gauntlett, D. (2008) Media, gender and identity. Routledge.
  2. Hodkinson, P. (2011) Media, culture and society. An introduction. SAGE
  3. Mihelj, S. (2011) Media nations. Communicating belonging and exclusion in the modern world. Palgrave Macmillan.
  4. Orgad, S. (2012) Media representation and the global imagination. Polity Press.
  5. Webb, J. (2009) Understanding representation. SAGE.

My Favourite Books on Critical Discourse Analysis

  1. Fowler, R. (1991) Language in the news. Discourse and ideology in the press. Routledge.
  2. Jørgensen, M. and Phillips, L. (2002) Discourse analysis. As theory and method. SAGE.
  3. Machin, D. and Mayr, A. (2012) How to do critical discourse analysis. A multimodal introduction. SAGE.
  4. Richardson, J. (2007) Analysing newspapers. An approach from critical discourse analysis. Palgrave.
  5. Van Leeuwen, T. (2008) Discourse and practice. New tools for critical discourse analysis. Oxford University Press.

My Favourite Books on Social Semiotics

  1. Barthes, J. (1977) Image, Music, Text. Fontana Press.
  2. Bignell, J. (2002) Media semiotics. An introduction. Manchester University Press.
  3. Chandler, D. (2007) Semiotics. The basics. 2nd Edn. Routledge.
  4. Hall, S. (2012) This means this. This means that. A user’s guide to semiotics. 2nd Edn. Lawrence King.
  5. Van Leeuwen, T. (2005) Introducing social semiotics. Routledge.

Books on Media Representations, Identity, Culture, Visual Analysis and Text-Image Relations

My Favourite Books on Visual Analysis

  1. Howells, R. and Negreiros (2012) Visual culture. 2nd Ed. Polity.
  2. Kress, G. and Van Leeuwen, T. (2006) Reading images. The grammar of visual design. Routledge.
  3. Langton, L. (2009) Photojournalism and today’s news. Creating visual reality. Wiley-Blackwell.
  4. Rose, G. (2012) Visual Methodologies. An introduction to researching with visual materials. SAGE.
  5. Van Leeuwen, T. and Jewitt, C. (2001) Handbook of visual analysis. SAGE.

My Favourite Books on Text-Image Relations

  1. Baldry, A. and Thibault, P. J. (2006) Multimodal Transcription and Text Analysis. Equinox.
  2. Bateman, J. A. (2014) Text and image. A critical introduction to the visual/verbal divide. Routledge.
  3. Bednarek, M. and Caple, H. (2012) News and discourse. Bloomsbury.
  4. Caple, H. (2013) Photojournalism. A social semiotic appraoch. Palgrave Macmillan.
  5. Machin, D. (2007) Introduction to Multimodal Analysis. Bloomsbury.

My Favourite Books on News Framing

  1. D’Angelo, P., Kuypers, J.A. (2010) Doing news framing analysis. Empirical and theoretical perspectives. Routledge.
  2. Entman, R.M. (2004) Projections of power. Framing news, public opinion, and U.S. foreign policy. The University of Chicago Press.
  3. Hammond, P. (2007) Framing post-Cold War conflicts. The media and international intervention. Manchester University Press.
  4. Johnson-Cartee, K.S. (2005) News narratives and news framing. Constructing political reality. Rowman&Littlefield
  5. Reese, S.D., Gandy, O.H. Jr., Grant, A.E. (2003) Framing public life. Perspectives on media and our understanding of the social world. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

If you like to develop your academic skills in this field, please check this page with information about the Media Representations and Research Methods Summer School at Maastricht University.

Critical Discourse Analysis, Social Semiotics and News Framing (My Favourite Books)

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