Objectives of this Tutorial

In this tutorial, you learn where to find valuable data for geopolitical scenarios. Here you find a selection of research institutes from seven countries and some their valuable publications. These sources are used by both students of my Geopolitical Scenario Planning course at Maastricht Summer School and professionals who take my skills training course about Geopolitical Scenario Planning.

The links are up-to-date in June 2022. If you have questions or suggestions regarding these geopolitical data sources, please contact me.

Research Institutes about Foreign Policy, International Relations and Natural Resources

  1. Brookings Institute – BI Foreign Policy page
  2. Center for Strategic and International Studies – CSIS homepage
  3. Chatham House – Chatham House homepage
  4. Clingendael – Clingendael homepage
  5. Council on Foreign Relations – CFR homepage
  6. Danish Institute for International Studies – DIIS homepage
  7. Earth Policy Institute – Full Planet, Empty Plates: The New Geopolitics of Food Scarcity
  8. Royal Institute for International Relations – EGMONT – EGMONT homepage
  9. Real Instituto Elcano – Real Instituto Elcano homepage
  10. Energy Information Administration – World oil transit chokepoints critical to global energy security
  11. Food Security Portal – FSP homepage
  12. Foreign Affairs – FA homepage
  13. Foreign Policy – FP homepage
  14. Foreign Policy Research Institute – FPRI homepage
  15. Foreign Policy in Focus – FPIF homepage
  16. Foundation Defense Democracies – FDD homepage
  17. The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies – HCSS homepage
  18. International Energy Agency – Analysis
  19. International Institute for Strategic Studies – IISS homepage
  20. International Relations and Security Network – ISN homepage
  21. Oxford Institute for Energy Studies – Publications
  22. RAND Corporation – International Affairs page
  23. Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies – RUSI homepage

Concluding Remarks

I am aware that this is a rather small selection of geopolitical sources. However, they are highly relevant when you want to get started with writing geopolitical scenarios. Don’t forget to explore additional data sources from other countries as well, depending on the target audience of your Geopolitical Scenario Planning!

TUTORIAL: Finding Data for Geopolitical Scenarios

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