Objectives of this Tutorial

In this tutorial, you learn where to find valuable data for your country risk analysis. Here you find a selection of data sources that focus on macro-economic risk. These sources are used by both students of my Country Risk Analysis course at Maastricht University and professionals who take my skills training about Country Risk Analysis.

The links are up-to-date in June 2022. If you have questions or suggestions regarding these macro-economic risk data sources, please contact me.

Data Sources for Macro-Economic Risk Analysis

  1. BP – Statistical Review of World Energy
  2. Energy Information Administration – Annual Energy Outlook
  3. FAO – Food Balances
  4. International Monetary Fund – World Economic Outlook Databases
  5. International Trade Centre – Trade Map
  6. International Trade Centre – Investment Map
  7. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development – Main Macro-Economic Risk Indicators
  8. UNCTAD – Country Profiles
  9. UNCTAD – Data Center
  10. U.S. Geological Survey – Commodity Statistics and Information
  11. U.S. Geological Survey – International Minerals Statistics and Information
  12. U.S. Geological Survey – Mineral Commodity Summaries
  13. World Bank – Commodity markets
  14. World Bank – Global Economic Prospects
  15. World Bank – World Development Indicators
  16. World Trade Organisation – World Trade Statistical Review
  17. World Travel-Tourism Council – Economic Impact Reports

Concluding Remarks

I am aware that this is a rather small selection of macro-economic risk data sources. However, they are highly relevant when you want to start with doing country risk analysis. Don’t forget to explore additional data sources, depending on your research objectives and target audience!

TUTORIAL: Finding Data for Macro-Economic Risk Analysis

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